About Us

Eurasian Dialogue

Eurasian Dialogue was founded in 2011 and has its legal seat in Geneva, Switzerland, while its main office is based in Brussels, Belgium. It is both a non-profit and a non-governmental organization with the core aim of fostering improved cultural and academic relations between Central Asia and Europe through the policy hub of Brussels and academic institutions. Founded by Samuel Doveri Vesterbye, Damian Rosset and Edward Lemon, Eurasian Dialogue envisages better communication between various academic, political and cultural facets of European and Central Asian societies, including EU policy centers like Brussels.

In May 2014 Elodie Negar Behzadi, a PhD candidate at the University of Oxford, joined the Eurasian Dialogue Board. Andreas Marazis joined the Board in February 2015 after having undergone an internship as part of Eurasian Dialogue’s ongoing partnership with the University of St Andrews.

Building Scholarly Symmetry

Although collaboration between universities and academics already exists, most institutes and scholars lack the time and funds to properly research the ample inter-academic possibilities that exist today in Europe and Central Asia. Based on those clear gaps and asymmetries, Eurasian Dialogue plans to foster better platforms and provide substantial research about future academic collaborations and potential links between different regional bodies, institutes and scholars. We therefore pride ourselves on filling a logical ‘research gap,’ which exists across most of Eurasia’s academic environments today.

Only with a full overview of topics, interests and prospects will university environments across Eurasia fully embark upon a true cross-regional and collaborative research effort. We therefore advocate and work towards full symmetry between academic environments and better transparency in terms of research and scholarly interests in all of Europe and Central Asia.