Perspectives on Central Asia

Perspectives on Central Asia

Eurasian Dialogue publishes Perspectives on Central Asia, a quarterly bulletin dealing with the many aspects of life in Central Asia. This innovative publication provides Central Asia specialists and enthusiasts with perspectives on the region from an array of different academic disciplines ranging from Security Studies to Musicology and Economics. Promoting synergies and inter-disciplinary knowledge on Central Asia is one of Eurasian Dialogue’s primary objectives. Through promoting a holistic approach, Perspectives on Central Asia, aims to help bridge the divides between academics, practitioners and enthusiasts working in different fields in Central Asia.


Current issue:

Issue 10, April 2016
Special issue “Comparing the Middle East and North Africa with Central Asia”
published in collaboration with Muftah

– “Central Asia and the Middle East Are Still Haunted by Their Colonial Pasts” by Raymond Hinnebusch and Sally Cummings

– “The Struggle for Land in the Middle East and Central Asia” by Brent Hierman

– “Envisioning the Future in Doha and Astana” by Kristin Eggeling

– “Is Turkey Falling in Steppe with Kazakhstan?” by Michael Mesquita and Jack Kennedy

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Contributions from all disciplines are encouraged. We offer a unique platform to reach a heterogeneous community of Central Asian enthusiasts, as well as a chance to examine a subject of your choice. Possible themes include (but are not limited to): a presentation of your current research; a commentary on a salient societal issue; an anecdote about field experience. The articles can be scholarly in nature, but this is not a requirement and articles should be available to a broad readership. In order to interest a variety of readers, the articles are expected to be quite short (between 800 and 1,500 words).

Previous issues:

Issue 9, January 2015
– “The voice of a female cultural worker, citizen and activist” by Diana Ukhina
– Religious literature examination and censorship in Kazakhstan: A need for reform” by Daniyar Kussainov
– “Opportunities and challenges for private sector connectivity in Central Asia” by Aitolkyn Kourmanova

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Issue 8, September 2015

- “London to Mongolia: Reflections of a Canadian Capitalist in Post-Soviet Asia” by Chris MacDougall
– “Turkmenistan’s Struggle to Contain Non-Traditional Security Threats” by Bradley James Jardine
– “Anti-Gay Laws in Russia and Kyrgyzstan: a Comparison” by Samantha Brletich

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Issue 7, May 2015

- “There’s simply no excuse for the EU’s deafening silence on the tenth anniversary of Andijan”, interview with Steve Swerdlow
– “Offshore Central Asia: Switzerland as a Site for Political Struggles between Kazakh Elites” by Edward Lemon and Damian Rosset
– “The status of the Caspian Sea and its legal implications: a basic understanding” by Stylianos A. Sotiriou
– “Seven Secrets of Istaravshon” by Edward Schipke

– ” ‘Uncertain Light’, A Novel that Explores the ‘Floating World’ of Development Workers”, interview with Marion Molteno

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Issue 6, October 2014

- “The OSCE Academy is here to work for the region”, interview with Pal Dunay, Director of the OSCE Academy, Bishkek
– “Engaging Remote Mountain Communities with Knowledge, Information and Technology in Kyrgyzstan” by Aline Rosset and Jangyl Ismailova
– “A snapshot of a year and a half spent in a Tajik village: Pinion, a rural idyll” by Christine Oriol

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Issue 5, July 2014

- “What does the arrest of Alexander Sodiqov mean for the future of Central Asian Studies?” by Edward J. Lemon
– “What role can art play in driving political and social change in Central Asia? Two points of view from Tajikistan” by Sergey Chutkov and Faruh Kuziev
– “Kyrgyzstan and the Eurasian Economic Union: implications for migration” by Anna Alekseyeva

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Issue 4, April 2014

- “Our overall aim is to broaden the scope of cooperation in all areas of mutual interest”, interview with Almaz Khamzayev, Ambassador of Kazakhstan to the European Union and NATO
– “The best dumplings I ever tasted, courtesy of the Great Soviet Book of Recipes” by Helen Faller
– “From wandering scholars to strategic partnerships: the experience of British universities in Central Asia” by Emma Sabzalieva
– “Hidden Central Asia, Offshore Finance and Transnational Corruption” by Kemel Toktomushev
– “Foreign Investors Exposure to Corruption: Kyrgyz Perspective” by Neesh Chand

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Issue 3, October 2013

- “We have to be open minded in order to work together”, Interview with Katarina Nevedalova, Member of the European Parliament
– “Social Media as an Alternative to Public Opinion Polls: Gauging Political Preferences in Tajikistan in the Run-up to 2013 Presidential Elections” by Alexander Sodiqov
– “Central Asia: Towards Sustainable Forest Management” by Karen Ter-Gazarian
– “The Central Eurasian Scholars and Media Initiative: Building bridges between scholars and journalists” by Till Mostowlansky

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Issue 2, July 2013

- “The European Union is not about imposing”, Interview with Patricia Flor, EU Special Representative for Central Asia
– “Transition in Uzbekistan? Opaqueness in the political regime and more speculation about the future” by Bernardo Teles Fazendeiro
– “Multiple Kyrgyzstan Protests Against Centerra Gold Signal Shift in Public Opinion” by Samantha Brletich
– “Encouraging dialogue on the misunderstood and understudied: A roundtable on Kazakh perspectives on Chinese investment” by John Edward Conway

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Issue 1, April 2013

- “Responding to Crises in Central Asia: Can Academic Literature Inform the Response of Outsiders?” by Christian Bleuer
– “Description of a Traditional Uzbek Wedding in Arslanbob, Kyrgyzstan” by Nadine Boller, Hayat Tarikov, Roma Tohtarov, Sardor Ergashev, Lachin Sadiev, Babur Mamarasulov, and Almaz Mamarizaev
– “Uzbekifying Timurid: Architectural Heritage on the Way to Independence” anonymous
– “The FOCUS Association and the TET A TET Project” by Shakyla Hussain

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